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*Note only consonants represent a number "0-9" according to the Stanislaus Mink von Wennsshein(17th Century) system:

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Event: (Year, Month, Day)Mnemonic
525BC---Buddha's revelationEric Bana's/Baseball Evaluating
975---Ibn al Wardi, Arabic geographer who found gold in Sofala in S AfricaIndira Gandhi Guarding Estrogen
1030---Time the Muslims finally took over Punjab in IndiaAngelina Jolie Conducting Journeys
1206--When the Sultanate of Delhi createdAnne Boleyn Judging Fitness
1293--Kraten fortresses defeat Mongol invasion of Indonesia sent from ChinaAnne Boleyn Impersonating Choirists
1368--Mongols pushed out of ChinaAlice Cooper Funny Homosexually
1420--Muslims took Malacca(3rd smallest state of Malaysia on extreme SW coast)Albert Daniels Bibliographying Jousting
1450--When Mongol invasions finished off the Indonesian empireAlbert Daniels Exemplifying Jaggedness
1510--When Portuguese occupied GoaAlbert Einstein Acting Judiciously
1511--Portuguese occupy MalaccaAlbert Einstein Agitating Arabs
1512--Portuguese occupy Moluccas or Spice Islands(source of cloves)Albert Einstein Abandoning Babies
1521--Portuguese landed on SumatraAlbert Einstein Beaten Around
1557--Portuguese settled in MacaoAlbert Einstein Entertaining Giants
1565--Battle of Talikoti, Muslim Sultans defeated the Vijayanagas of Deccan in IndiaAlbert Einstein Flashing Evil
1591---Moulay Ahmed, sultan of Morocco who destroyed the Songhay empireAlbert Einstein Intoxicating Arms
1600---Francois Bernier, a French doctor talked of tigers on islands of Ganges riverAretha-Louise Franklin Journeying Jaggedly
1602--Dutch East India company foundedArethra Franklin Jerking Bowstrings
1604--Dutch drove Portuguese out of Malacca and became rulers of all IndonesiaArethra Franklin Jockeying Destruction
1605--Dutch reached Amboina in MoluccasArethra Franklin Junoesqueing Exotically
1626--Father de las Cortes, a Spanish Jesuit was shipwrecked near CantonAretha-Louise Franklin Building Furnaces
1670---In India, a French doctor watched a crowd with the Mogul Aurangzeb go from Dehli to Kashmir eating little meatAretha-Louise Franklin GorillaJawing
1790--Rhode island becomes last of 13 US states to ratify the constitutionAva Gardner Immaturely Jingling--Jacob Epstein Burly Inhaling
1798--UK took over Dutch E. India CoAva Gardner Inverted Heavily
1816 the Dutch E. India company returned to HollandAudrey Hepburn Aloud Fluctuating
1849---Punjab caputured by UKAudrey Hepburn Discharging Inflammation
1858---East India Company DissolvedAudrey Hepburn Electrifying Holland
1961--SU's split with ChinaAkinori Iwamura Forever Acting
1962--Java's population grew 12 times from 5mn in 1815 to 60 mn(2/3rd of total of Indonesia)Akinori Iwamura Feigning Boatswains